Top 6 Must-Have Jewellery Trends For Summer 2017

As the days heat up, summers season rolls around, there are trends that follow. Not just when it comes to clothes, swimwear and shoes but jewellery as well. This season’s jewellery trends are all about exploring individuality and making a statement. From large bangles and opulent pendants that layer from your chin to your collarbone, and all the way to bracelets and rings.

Now, it’s time for you to streamline your jewellery and investing in pieces that are minimal and understated. Not only will you be on-trend and stylish, but you won’t have to waste extra time every morning deciding which bracelets to slip on your wrists before dashing off to work. Here are the 6 most stylish jewellery trends to rock this summer!


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Asymmetrical Earrings

We agree, your shoes should definitely match, but earrings are fair game for mismatching thanks to a barrage of recent runway looks. Lost one earring from your favorite pair? No worries, just put the other one with something different. How better to go with the flow of fashion than closing your eyes, choosing two different earrings from your jewelry collection and just going with it.

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Ear Cuffs & Ear Jackets

If you really want to amaze everyone with your look, then try on cuffs. Ear Cuffs it’s a new kind of earrings, which can accessorize your ears and look amazing. They can be attached behind the ear or you can clamp them at the middle or upper part of the ear.

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Stacked Rings

Layering is no longer just for your clothes, as you may know stackable rings is the latest trend to hit the jewelry game! One ring on one finger might be all you need. You can also wear one midi ring and stack rings on another finger.

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No surprise that you see that chokers in our top 6 jewelry trends for this season. They have been invading the fashion podium for quite some time now and still looking absolutely amazing! There are so many different designs, textures, fabrics and purposes to these pieces. You can go from the very basic and classy choker to a very glamorous and chic metallic choker.

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Layering Necklaces

This season, necklines are going up and necklaces are dropping down. Sharp, geometric shapes, and strong lines will be the features to look out for. They are great to be worn with V-necks, more open necklines or over your top. Simple, yet very feminine pieces that can beautifully accessorize your daily looks.

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Jewellery With Pearls

This season we can mainly see them as an accent element which is part of a statement piece like rings, bold necklaces or earrings with pearly elements to them. For all that makes pearls a perfect pick for any woman, the merits extend well beyond that for a present. For a friend, family member or significant other, pearls are an ideal pick. With a plethora of ways to dive into the trend, the style can be shared at mostly any budget.